Pasta should be tasted without adding any condiment or tried by simply drizzling extra virgin olive oil on a sample to evaluate the final strength of the sauce. The parameters to be followed during the tasting are as follows: consistency, uniformity in cooking, the stickiness, the flavour, the ability to uphold being boiled...that is consistent pasta, when cooked ideally (according to the manufacturers instructions) is firm and elastic, does not yield easily to pressure and then bounces back regaining its initial shape.

Consistency: consistent pasta is that by which when cooked in an optimal way (according to the manufacturers instructions) is firm and elastic, does not yield easily to pressure and then regains its initial shape.

Homogeneous cooking: ideal pasta has to be consistent in each of its aspects

Stickiness: once cooked if the pasta is too sticky and it bundles together creating too sticky a surface before being dressed and flavoured there is a defect, probably due to the primary resources used or of some aspect of the manufacturing technology used.

The flavour: a term that expresses the combination of characteristics, aromatic, and typical perfume of pasta, an overall verdict that indicates the pleasure that all the senses feel during the tasting.

How the pasta handles being cooked: after being cooked and strained, after leaving it a few moments before being dressed is when you can verify its true defects....in even just a few minutes the pasta may become impossible to eat.

Magliano Alfieri (CN)

Durum wheat semolina flour, eggs 26%. With gluten

Store in a cool dry place.


250 g

€ 3,90 15,60 €/kg
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